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The Origin of Regions Name

Baek Giman Picture
Baek Giman (ؿ)
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1902~1969
  • Birth Place : 15 Jaemaugil, Jung-gu, Deagu
  • Author Name : Mokwoo ()
  • Independence fighter against Japanese colonial occupation, pioneered early modern literature of Korea
  • The writer of the words of Daegu Citizens Song, who was a great leader of the folk culture community and loved Daegu from the heart
  • Led Manse Movement and established a literary magazine Geumseong which became the cradle of modern Korean literature.
  • Works: A green frog, Sangwha and Goweol, People who sowed the seed, etc.
Seo Byeongo Picture
Seo Byeongo(ܰ)
  • Year of Birth & Death: 1862~1935(King Cheoljong 13-?)
  • Birth Place : 689 Jungangdaero,(3 Ga, Dongseongro - present Daegu branch of Nonghyeop), Jung-gu,Deagu
  • Author Name : Seokjae()
  • A Calligrapher-Painter in anti-Japan period, who excelled at drawing the Four Gracious Plants (plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo), and, in particular, had a talent in such areas as poetry, calligraphy, painting, the gayageum (twelve-stringed Korean harp), the traditional chess game (Baduk), Korean checkers, oriental medicine, so he was called the man with eight talents.
  • Established Gyonam Calligraphy-Painting Study Meeting in Daegu, put great efforts to teaching students
Seo Donggyun Picture
Seo Donggyun (г)
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1902~1978
  • Birth Place : So-called Meokdang alley in Hyangchon-dong, Jung-gu, Deagu-si
  • Author Name : Juknong, Gahak (ʫ)
  • A calligrapher representing the modern times of Daegu, was a great master in drawing the Four Gracious Plants and, in particular, excellent at Ink Bamboo Painting.
  • Inheriting the Gyonam Calligraphy-Painting School run by his master, Seo Byeongo, and he changed its title to Yeongnam Seohoiweon and kept teaching students.
  • Founded Haedong Calligraphy-Painting Group composed of calligraphers in the Yeonganm area and was conferred a Cultural Medal of Korea in 1975.
Lee In Picture
Lee In ()
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1896~1979.
  • Birth Place : Dongseong-dong, Jung-gu, Daeagu
  • Author Name : Aesan (ߣ)
  • A nationalist lawyer in the Japanese colonial period (1910-1945), pleaded various cases related to anti-Japanese movements and was imprisoned due to the incident of Chosun Language Academy.
  • Served as a Public Prosecutor General after Koreas liberation in 1945.
  • The first Minister of Justice of the newly established Korea.
  • Elected as a member of the National Assembly many times. Donated all assets to The Korean Language Society.
Lee Sanghwa Picture
Lee Sanghwa()
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1901~1943
  • Birth Place : 2ga Seomunro, Jung-gu, Deagu
  • Author Name : Muryang(), Sangwha(), Sangwha(), Baeka()
  • A fellow member of a literary magazine Baekjo.
    Entered Athene'e francais, a school specialized in foreign languages in Tokyo, in 1922 to prepare studying in France
    After studying in France, participated in KAPF (Korea Proletarian Artist Federation), imprisoned in 1927 due to the Lee Jongam event, a member of Euiyeoldan (Anti-Japanese Group)
    Led March 1st Daegu Student Movement (against Japanese occupation), and published various poems, novels and reviews in Gaebyuk magazine.
  • Collection of Poems: The Allegory of Bogs, Whether Spring Taken Away Comes, etc.
  • The Monument of Lee Sanghwas Poem: Located inside the Dalseong Park
  • Restoration of Lee Sanghwas former house (to the north of Misocity at Gyesan-dong Jung-gu)
Lee Sangbaeck Picture
Lee Sangbaeck()
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1904~1966
  • Birth Place : 2ga Seomunro, Jung-gu, Deagu
  • A younger brother of Lee Sangjeong (an independence fighter) and Lee Sanghwa (a nationalist poet), pioneered Koreas sociology study, researched the history of the Kings of the Chosun Dynasty, founded the Chosun Athletic Association after the country being liberated on August 15, 1945 and worked as the president of the organization.
  • Literary works: A Study on the History of Chosun Dynastys Culture, Research on the Foundation of the Chosun Dynasty etc.
Lee Inseong Picture
Lee Inseong()
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1912~1950
  • Birth Place : Soo-dong, Jung-gu, Deagu
  • A genius painter, graduate of Suchang Elementary School in Jung-gu and had natural talent and an excellent sense of form in art.
    Focused on exotic senses and folk subjects based upon impressionist sensualism
  • Works: <in a mountain valley of Gyeongju>, <inside the house in summer>, <Arirang ridge> and etc.
Hyeon Jingeon Picture
Hyeon Jingeon()
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1900~1943
  • Birth Place : Gyesan-dong, Jung-gu, Daeagu
  • Author Name : Bingheo(޻)
  • Debuted as a writer in <Gaebyeok> magazine with Victim
  • Works: A luck day, Spouse, Society Makes You Drink, The Pagoda of No-Shadow, etc.
Hyeon Jemyeong Picture
Hyeon Jemyeong(٥)
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1902~1960
  • Birth Place : Namsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daeagu
  • Author Name : Hyeonseok()
  • After finishing Gyesung School in Daesin-dong Jung-gu, entered Sungsil College.
  • Founded Goryeo Orchestra after the liberation. The first dean of the Music College of Seoul National University. Was a leading figure in Koreas western music community.
  • Works : Operas: <Great Chunhyang>, <Prince Hodong>, Songs: <Home Thoughts>, <In Front of the House>, <To the Country of Hope>, etc.
Bak Taejun Picture
Bak Taejun()
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1900~1986
  • Birth Place : Namseongro 157, Jung-gu, Daeagu
  • A composer who wrote music reflecting the sorrow of the people under the Japanese occupation as well as a conductor who hugely contributed to the development of the countrys choir music.
  • He was a living example of Koreas western music tradition. Graduated from Gyesung School and Pyeongyang Sungsil College School
  • Wrote many nursery songs including <thinking of my older brother>, <A Fall Night>, <Alley> and <My Friend in My Heart> of which words were written by a poet Lee Eunsang.
  • Was conferred the Mugunghwa Medal of the Order of Civil Merit in 1970.
̻ Picture
Lee Sangjeong()
  • Year of Birth & Death : 1897~1947
  • Birth Place : 2ga Seomunro, Jung-gu, Deagu
  • Author Name : Cheongnam(), Saneun(ߥ)
  • Independence fighter, the elder brother of Lee Sanghwa(), and Lee Sangbaek()
  • Graduated from Gogguragguing univ. in Japan, taught students in such schools as Osan, Gyeongsin, Geysung, Sinmyeong and so on, exiled himself to Manchuria in 1923 and participated in the independence movement
  • Fought against Japanese imperial forces in such areas as Shanghai, Nanjing and so on, joined Heungsadan(ӥ) (anti-Japanese organization) in 1932. Was appointed as a member of the congress of the Provision Government in Shanghai in 1939
  • Entered the Sino-Japan War as a staff office of Chinese military forces
  • Was conferred a Presidential Medal in 1968 and Posthumous Honors on Order of Merit for National Foundation in 1977
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