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The Origin of Regions’ Name


It belonged to Seosang-myeon Daegu-bu. Combining some parts of Seonae-dong and Soaehan-dong and was named Haseojeong (下西町) because the area was to the south of Seosang-myeon. Jeong (町) was changed to Dong (洞) in 1946.
It belonged to Dongsang-myeon Daegu-bu and was called Chonsangjeong (村上町) after adding some parts of Sincheon-ri and Hu-dong to it in 1914. It was the most prosperous area in Daegu in 1946, so it was renamed Hyangchon-dong.
It belonged to Dongsang-myeon Daegu-bu and was called Seopbal, Sinjin or Sincheon-ri because there was an abundance of brushwood here. Later on, it was changed to Jeonjeong (田町) in 1914 and again renamed Hwajeon-dong in 1946 because this area was the most prosperous town in Daegu, in which many theaters were gathered.
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