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Dalseong Park & Carp Fountain
This is the oldest and the most beloved among the many parks in Daegu.
This park used to be the site of a fortress when the ancient Dalgubeol tribal state was founded. Dalgubeol (達句伐), another name referring to Daegu area, originated from this historic fact.

The tribe, who settled down in the area around Dalseong, was originally from Hwaweon-myeon Dalseong-gu (the area around Hwaweon amusement ground at present). In those days, since there was no military power stronger than this tribe, it was able to gain dominance over other small- and medium-scale tribal states in the area. However, when Daegaya, which was an ancient nation based around the region near the Nakdonggang river such as Goryeong, Seongju etc, began to expand its influences, it was forced to move to the region around the current Dalseong park. Later on, Silla gradually increased its hegemony over surrounding areas and this area was also occupied by the country, however, the current Dalseong park site remained under the control of the powerful clan of Dalseong Seo families for a long time.

According to a legend, the area of the current Dalseong Park was the housing area of the Seo families. Everything in the area was perfect except that there was not enough drinking water, so that they had to fetch water from outside the fortress whenever it was necessary. All their efforts of digging a well to find drinking water were in vain. Meanwhile, an old man appeared to the head of a family in a dream and introduced himself as a divine spirit protecting the fortress and told him a place where he could find enough water for all the families. The following morning, people dug the place where the old man advised in the dream and cool and fresh water gushed out from the hole just as he had said it would. This fountain was called Yeongcheon because a divine spirit predicted the place; In Chinese characters, Yeong means a divine spirit and Cheon is a fountain. The water in the spring was so cool and sweet that the Seo families could live happily. Later on, when a high-rank government official visited this town and was told about the origin of Yoengcheon, he wanted to taste the water for himself and asked a gourd of water out of curiosity. As people drew water with a bucket, there was a live large carp inside the bucket. They thought of throwing it away, at first, but brought it up with the water and explained the incident to the official because it had never happened before. The official told them to cook the carp and spoke highly of the taste of the water after drinking it. The official left the town after having the food made with the carp. Since then, whenever respectable people came to the area, carp equivalent to the number of visitors came up in the bucket, from the fountain, so that the name of the spring was changed to Carp Fountain.

To this day Dalseong Park is beloved by Daegu citizens as a place to relax. It is, however, regrettable that people have lost the location the carp fountain over time.
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