Bongsan Art Festival

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Bongsan Art Festival
In the mid October every year
Bongsan Cultural Street

This festival is held annually in the middle of October for around 10 days on the Bongsan Culture street, the only cultural and artistic street in Daegu. The art galleries densely packed, occupying both sides of the street hold a variety art exhibitions and invitational gatherings. On the street a huge open pavement drawing is made and various events related to painting such as body painting, installation art works are carried out.
History Contents
In the early period of the 1980s Art shops and picture frame stores which had been located around the Deoksan-dong area were forced to leave the area and moved to their current location.
In the middle of the 1980s Art galleries opened on the cultural street and began to exhibit and sell both western style and traditional art works.
1991.1.1 Designated as the cultural street (only one place in the entire Daegu Metropolitan City was designated as such in accordance with a plan provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism).
1993.10.7~10.17 The 1st Bongsan Art Fair
1999. 4 The 1st Bongsan Ceramic Art Fair

2001.3 ~ 5

Establishment of Jangseungs (posts made of either wood or stone) at the entrance to the street in pairs
2004.1 Establishment of sculptures on the street.
2005.12 The redevelopment of the street environment (including new road pavement, replacement of the street lights, the clearing of stores signs, the installation of information panels, etc).
2005. 12 ~ 2006.4 Conducted research consulting on the strategic ideas to develop the street.
2006.10. ~ Bongsan Art Fair (Art galleries’ exhibitions, Performing art fair, Korean classical music : Daechuita (music played usually upon military march or gate’s opening and closing ceremony) concert, a public drawing competition and so on).
  • Bongsan Art Festival Bongsan Art Festival
  • Bongsan Art Festival Bongsan Art Festival
  • Bongsan Art Festival Bongsan Art Festival
  • Bongsan Art Festival Bongsan Art Festival
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