Seomun Market Festival

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Seomun Market Festival
October every year
Seomun Market

Seomun Market Merchants Association
In October, the Seomun Market Festival consists of a variety of programs such as a peddlers parade, playing folk music, etc. This festival was started in 1997 in order to boost the sales of Seomun market which had been one of the three biggest markets during the Chosun Dynasty. This festival hosted by the Seomun Market Merchants Association is full of featured entertainment ensuring everyone enjoys the event as well as being used for marketing purposes.

Providing a series of such interesting events as an opening ceremony and concert, peddlers parade, national arm wrestling competition, amateur Seomun singing contest, 7080 concert, beer drinking competition, traditional Korean costume fashion show, dance parade etc, the 7th festival held in 2007, in particular, achieved huge public participation.

Seomun market as the biggest market in the Samnam area during the Chosun Dynasty had been one of three most well known markets nationally from the 10th year of King Heonjong’s reign and played a crucial role in the region’s economy. In 1920, there were four markets in Daegu including Seomun market. The name of the market came from the fact it was located outside the western gate of Daegu fortress; Seo refers to west in Chinese letter. At present, there are, approximately, 3,500 various sizes of shops in the market, which is divided into 6 areas such as No. 1 district (linen and cotton, cotton fabrics, silks and satins, tradition Korean clothes, bed clothes, etc), No. 2 district (which is being rebuilt due to a fire), No 4 district (silks and satins, linen and cotton, imported items, etc), No 5 district (stainless steel products, ceramics, miscellaneous goods, clothes, etc), Dongsan commercial center (kitchen utensils, ceramic goods, cleaning products, children’s clothe, etc) and Geonhae commercial center (all sorts of dried fish products).

In addition, since 2005, construction work to turn the open market into an arcade style market by setting up roofs over the entire market area has been carried out, which has cost more than a million dollars. Because of this, the customer can shop conveniently regardless of the weather. Furthermore, the market began opening at night, it has become a really special place in Daegu to visit.
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