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The busiest area in Daegu incorporating Shopping, Food and Culture, is a road called ‘Myeong-dong in Dagu’, which measures 12 meters in width and 1.5 kilometers in length
This road starts from the Daewoo building in front of Daegu station and goes as far as Jungang police station. A number of retail shops selling top brand goods of clothing, sporting goods, shoes and so on are sitting on either side of the road. Having both department stores of Daegu and Donga, this area is positioned at the heart of Daegu’s commercial business.
Go Donseongro Festival
Jungang Underground Shopping Center
This is a shopping area established beneath the road from the (former) National Tax Office to Mangyeonggwan and is composed of around 230 shops most of which are as small as 35 ~ 45 ㎡ in size.
Gyodong Market
This traditional market is located in the middle of the town beside Donga Department Store. Keeping up with the recent trends of new commercial areas, this traditional market is providing customers with electronic equipments and computer related goods at a cheap price. Lots of small cafeterias along the narrow alleys serving various flour-based food are creating a distinguishing sight.
Yasi Alley
On the road from Goryeo Apiculture Shop to the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute, a number of small shops selling clothes are attracting Yasi-like ladies; Yasi means a fox in the Daegu dialect. This densely packed area of tiny shops is called Yasi alley because the main customers coming to this area are usually fashion-oriented discerning young ladies.
Donseongro Festival
There is a special season for discount sales in the main commercial center, Dongseongro. All shops in the area simultaneously hold bargain sales at the beginning of such events as festivals, drinking competitions and folk culture festivals in May every year.
Donseongro Map
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