Alleys Exploration

Famous street

Famous street
No Street name Location
6 Daesin Socks Street Daesin Socks Street The Entry of Gyesung Elementary School ~ Behind Time Ipsi Hakweon
7 Daesin Towels Street Daesin Towels Street Seoseong Crossroads ~ Dongsan Crossroads
8 Deoksan Rice Cake Street Deoksan Rice Cake Street West and North of Donga Shopping Center
9 Dongin Jjimgalbi Street Dongin Jjimgalbi Street Behind Dongin Police Box
10 Bongsan Furniture Street Bongsan Furniture Street Bongsan Six-Way ~ Bongsan Five-Way
  • History Exploration
    • History of Jung-gu Adminstration
    • Historic Figures in Jung-gu
    • The Origin of Regions’ Name
  • Cultural Event
  • Festival
    • Daegu Yangnyeongsi Festival
    • Donseongno Festival
    • Bongsan Art Festival
    • Overseas Chinese Festival
    • Seomun Market Festival
    • Fashion Jewelry Festival
    • Bongsan Porcelain Fair