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Missionary Blair House(Tangible cultural property No.26 )

Missionary Blair House

Tangible cultural property No.26
Missionary Blair House
Historic Sites / Religious Relic / Protestantism / Annex Building
Designation Date
424 Dongsan-dong Jung-gu Daegu-si S.KOREA
Gyemuyng Christian College
Dongsan Medical Center
This building was built by American missionaries for a missionary, Blair, around 1910. Among other houses on the hill, this red brick two-story house is located in the southernmost part of the hill and has a half-underground room facing the southern incline.

The plan is a rectangular shape built lengthwise north to south. The first floor is composed of a veranda reaching the front door in the west, the front hall connecting to reception room, living room and staircase. Bedrooms, dining room and kitchen were arranged centering on the living room. On the second floor, there are three bedrooms and bathrooms around a rectangular type staircase and a sun room in the veranda over the front entrance.

The foundation and underground room were constructed with concrete, on which red brick was laid in an American bond fashion (horizontal 3 layers and 1 vertical layer). The wall between floors was decorated with saw-toothed cornice using brick. The segment arch type windows, of which bottom lintel was built of three-layers of red brick, were furnished with wooden sash windows. On the roof the gable panels toward north and south are at right angles to those facing west forming an L shape and shed type roofs were placed in the slope areas inclined to west and east. A wooden veranda was built in the southern and western parts. Two brick laid chimney rose from the roof. The floor inside the building is furnished with long planks, the ceiling was covered with boards and rounded by wooden moldings and the wall was plastered.

Dongsan Medical Foundation purchased this house, which had been home to such missionaries as Blair, Rice and others and has been using it as an official residence. Although the current resident, a doctor in Dongsan Hospital, has replaced interior finishings, the building's appearance and structure preserve the original shape.


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