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Bongsan Cultural Street
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The Bongsan Culture and Art Street is a representative cultural area in Daegu, which can be comparable with Insadong-ro in Seoul. There are, at the moment, around 60 cultural and art shops and facilities including art galleries, art studios, antique shops and mounters in this street area which began to form from mid-1980s. When the street was formed initially, there were mostly shops selling goods such as painting materials, papering, etc. However, now it has become available to appreciate or purchase various art works of artists representing Daegu culture thanks to the opening of various art museums. Bongsan Ceramic Art Festival and Bongsan Fine Art Festival are held on April and October, respectively, every year to meet cultural desire of people in Daegu. In addition, Bongsan Cultural Center (http://www.bongsanart.org) has been hosting various exhibitions and concerts encouraging the growth the street since its establishment in 2004.
Bongsan Culture Club [http://www.bongsanart.com]
Daegu Hakweon ~ Bongsan Five-Way
Traffic Information
  • Subway
    • Banwoldang Station at exit nine

  • Bus
    • The Elementary School attached to Kyungpook National University : Express2, 509, 609, 649, 840, 305, 730, 805, Gonggu1-1


  • History Exploration
    • History of Jung-gu Adminstration
    • Historic Figures in Jung-gu
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  • Cultural Event
  • Festival
    • Daegu Yangnyeongsi Festival
    • Donseongno Festival
    • Bongsan Art Festival
    • Overseas Chinese Festival
    • Seomun Market Festival
    • Fashion Jewelry Festival
    • Bongsan Porcelain Fair