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Gwandeokjeong Martyrs's Memorial

Gwandeokjeong Martyrs's Memorial

Gwandeokjeong Martyrs's Memorial
938-19 Namsan2-dong Jung-gu Daegu-si S.KOREA
Preservation Foundation Catholic Church of Daegu Parish
The name of Gwandeokjeong' established across the country by Great King Sejong was abstracted from the phrase of 'Sajasoigwanseongdeokya', which means 'watching shooting an arrow is the same as looking virtue because it can cultivate one's body and mind in peaceful times and also can protect the country when it is at stake'. Gwandeokjeong was a place where not only then local governor trained troops in its front plaza but also officials and people discussed about public affairs.

It was a place for enjoying feast as well as punishing offenders. At the entrance, there is a rock named Stork Rock which was used for executing catholic believers. Still this implement of execution has reddish stains. Choi Jewoo, the founder of Donghak religion was executed here on March in 1864. This place was restored as 'Catholic Martyrdom Memorial by Daegu Catholic Archdiocese in 1997. Gwandeokjeong Martyrdom Memorial was built as a building with one story below and three above the ground at behind Red Cross Hospital across Donga Shopping. There was an opposite opinion on using the Giwa (traditional roof-tiles) and Dancheong (pictures of many colors) from the Catholic community accusing they might give an impression of Buddhist architecture to the building.

Catholic church, however, understood that Giwa and Dancheong were not religious-related materials but the most typical Korean style high-level architectural members and continued the construction. Drawings in the top floor like the Holy Spirits coming down as a form of dove, cross-shaped spirits of the earth or grapevines indicate that the Catholic has a superior religious viewpoint allowing its harmony with existing aboriginal culture. In the memorial, there are Catholic church in which saints' ashes reposed and an exhibition room in underground story, Anti-Western Stone Monument built by Heungsun Daewongun, the father of King Gojong on the first floor and materials on Lee Yunil St. John's on the second floor and a tower. Working hours

Working hours
(Gwandeokjeong ☎ 254-0151∼2 ) - Winter season: 09:30-18:00 - Summer Season  : 09:30-18:00

※ Free Entrance and closed on Mondays

Behind Red Cross Hospital across Donga Shopping Center (5 min on foot towards Red Cross Hospital from Donga Shopping Center)

Gwandeokjeong Gwandeokjeong


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