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Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park

21, Pojeong-dong, Jung-gu

This is a small park located in the middle of the city surrounded by tall buildings

This park equipped with a sufficient number of benches and has densely planted trees between a grass field and a fountain is used as a recreational place by people in nearby work areas and also movie goers in the area waiting for a show.

Since the early times of the Chosun Dynasty, Daegu continued growing in terms of economy based on its advantageous natural conditions. The significance of this region was recognized, in particular, after the Japanese invasion from 1592 to 1599 to the extent that the Supreme Government Office of Gyeongsang-do was relocated to Daegu in 1601. It was the principal government office managing all aspects of administration including general administration, justice and military affairs. And Daegu was a location that met all those requirements during those days.

The place where Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park is currently located was the former site of the government office. From then, the office existed for 300 years laying the groundwork for Daegu to be developed to the third largest city in Korea.

The supreme government office is composed of many buildings including Seonwhadang (Daegu tangible cultural asset No. 1), which was the government office of the governor of Gyeongsang province and Jingcheonggak (Daegu tangible cultural asset No. 2) which was the residential building of the governor. Given that it is very rare that government office buildings of the Chosun Dynasty remain to this day across the country, this building has an even greater value.
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