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Main Building of Former Public Daegu Medical School(Historic spot No.442 )

Main Building of Former Public Daegu Medical School

Historic spot No.442
Main Building of Former Public Daegu Medical School
Historic Sites / Education Culture / Modern Education Culture / Educational Facilities
Designation Date
71 2ga Gyesan-dong Jung-gu Daegu-si S.KOREA
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Gyeongbuk National University
The main building (the main building of The Medical College of Gyuongpook National University at present) of the former Taegu Medical School was built to train medical people in the Daegu area during the Japanese colonial period; the school was opened as The Public Daegu Medical School in 1933

This building is situated facing the former provincial Daegu hospital building - Historic Site No. 443, the main building of present day Kyungpook National University Hospital. This three-story building built with red brick is sited in the direction of east and west with the entrance facing south. It has a four-story turret in the center of the front of the building. It is composed of double-corridors coming off a central one. This symmetry centering on the front entrance porch makes its shape, when it is seen from above, resemble the Chinese character for 'mountain '.

While the front facade is emphasized by the curve of the projected glass walls at the front and the cornice design of the walls between windows and roof parapet area, a square tower on the roof and vertical walls between windows wells expresses the vertical aspect. It gives the overall impression of stability and grandeur.

This is important architecture representing Korea's modern medical educational history. Even from the standpoint of the history of architecture, this well-preserved building, in which overall and detailed composition is delicately done, is of a very high standard. This building is an important cultural asset having a value both in the history of modern architecture and in the educational history of Korea.


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