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Gukchae-bosang memorial park

42, 2-ga, Dongin-dong, Jung-gu
053-254 -9401

The National Debt Repayment Movement Memorial Park, which is a 42,509 m2 site. It features the Dalgubeol Daejong bell, Jonggak, Nokdo and other facilities, which have been established to remember the noble spirit of the movement and provide the citizen with a recreational area. The Dalgubeol Daejong bell inside the park, in particular, was constructed to enlighten the spirits of all people and spread the will of Daegu citizens for harmony and prosperity to the world. With its clear and bright sound encapsulating the region’s ideals and spirit. It was completed on December 22, 1998.

In this park, besides The Dalgubeoldaejong bell weighing 22.5 tonnes, there are monuments to such poets as Lee Yuksa, Park Mokweol, Jho Jiun, Lee Howoo, Yun Dongju, of which lines were written by the region’s calligraphy artists.

Trails containing stone monuments of wise sayings of such historic figures as Lee Eonjeok, Kim Goingpil, Seo Geojeong, Lee Whang, Jeong Mongju, Seo Sangil, Seo Sangdon and Lee Sanghwa. It also contains a set of large scale visual displays, and a fountain, and a plaza of harmony a three columned exhibition wall, a monument to the National Debt Repayment Movement etc. The park’s three-story underground parking space, Dongin Underground Parking Lot, provides sufficient parking space for people working in nearby areas as well as park visitors. This park is a very popular place for students because it has the Jungang Library nearby. It is also a popular location for couples. BR>
Dalgubeoldaejong Monument

This most recently constructed park is one of the most beloved recreational place for locals as there are about 1,000 trees planted around a wide open grass field and sufficient number of benches provided. In addition, a fountain, pavilions and stone sculptures similar to trees in the country make the park a more attractive place.

Around 4,000 ∼5,000 people weekdays and 7,000 per day on weekends visit the park. This place also hosts many cultural events such as young students playing sport, music concerts, exhibitions etc. The striking of the Dalgubeoldaejong bell is carried out every weekend, attracting many tourists.
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