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Park Name
2.28 Jungang memorial park

15, Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu
Opening Year

February 28th Students Movement in 1960 was a democratic protest movement against the dictatorial Liberal Party and regime of Lee Seungman and occurred when poverty and the infringement upon civil rights reached a peak due to the violence, corruption and misrule of the government.

The protest movement snowballed, the ramifications of which were that the February 28th protests spread across the country and followed by the March 1st Masan Movement in 1960, the April 1st Revolution and lead to the then president, Lee Seungman, step down and brought down the dictatorial government accomplishing the first democratic revolution in the history of Korea that same year. The student movement was an expression of Daegu citizens’ spirit to fight against the poverty, dictatorship, injustice and corruption as well as to establish a Korean version of western democracy imported after the country’s liberation from the Japanese occupation in 1945. The historic fact that April 1st revolution was sparked from the small but significant and spirited movement of 2.28 and has made Korea live long in history and be remembered well as long as Daegu remains. Daegu always played an important role whenever the country’s future was at stake. It inspired the independence spirit of people during the Japanese occupation period (1910-45) by starting the National Debt Repayment Movement and helped the country overcome national crisis by providing part of the last stronghold against the northern invasion during the Korean War and later took the lead of creating democratic legitimacy to the county through the February 28th Student Movement. The noble and hopeful spirit of the student movement will be long remembered and carried on, so that we can create a more beautiful and thriving Daegu. We believe the freedom and prosperity that we enjoy now are the precious results of our efforts to carefully cultivate the spirit of the February 28th Student Movement.
Botanical facilities
  1. ① Fountains : three locations (with visual effects)
  2. ② Pavilion : two locations
  3. ③ Underground water tank (8t)
  4. ④ Botanical facilities: water sprinkler
  5. ⑤ Trees, flowers and lawns
      - Tall trees: total 1,020 trees from 28 species
         evergreen trees: a total of 409 trees from 6 species including pine trees
         Deciduous trees: : a total of 611 from 22 species including zelkovas
      - Shrubs: a total of 14,681 trees from 14 species including boxwood trees
      - Glasshouse and flowers: a total of 16,348 plants from 7 species including snake’s beard
Convenient facilities
  1. ① Public Toilet(One location) : A=89.29㎡
  2. ② One bicycle parking lot
  3. ③ Four drinking water fountains, Baduk board, Korean chess board: 2 each
  4. ④ Seating benches of 5 different types in 92 locations
  5. ⑤ Park lighting
Management office
  1. ① One management office : A=16.5㎡
  2. ② Broadcasting equipment : one set
Plaza Facilities
  1. ① central plaza : One
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